2Pac: Readings

All “readings” pages, such as this one, will provide links to pdf files. Please download these and store on your computer/tablet for reading, so that you can work offline. These files have been tested, but it’s possible you will have browser issues–please let me know if you do!

Our first text is the 2003 Tupac Shakur documentary, Tupac: Resurrection. Afeni Shakur was involved in the production, so one can consider this an “official” source; at the same time, its decision to position 2Pac as posthumous narrator of his own story needs to be carefully considered. The DVD is on reserve at Bizzell.   As far as I can tell, the only currently available location to stream the movie [w/French subtitles] is at the following site:


That site is ad-free, according to my browser: you should not have to click anything questionable.

Edit:  Tupac: Resurrection is showing on Fuse TV this weekend:  

Saturday (3/18): 9PM

Sunday (3/19):  6PM

If you’ve had trouble finding the DVD, it turns out that the library had miscataloged all videos for this course! If you enter ”tupac resurrection” into the Discover window, you’d have found our documentary (it’s ”personal video 417” if you need to ask at the desk)–but that’s pretty much the only way you could have found it! ( They have now re-indexed our videos so that key terms like ”Expo 1213”, ”LoLordo” will find them.)  For further convenience, I’ve also left an envelope at the front desk of the Expo office.  Honor system: there are multiple copies, but please return yours promptly after you’re finished–thanks!

Next, biography:  the Wikipedia entry for: “Tupac Shakur”

We switch from the Britannica to a more widely read contemporary encyclopedia. (Feel free to check the Britannica out, via Bizzell Library’s “Databases” list–you will find their entry rather brief by comparison.)  You may want to supplement the pdf by looking at the on-line version when doing research:


Next, music. Our “primary texts” are the songs available on the double-CD set 2Pac’s Greatest Hits: Finding music in 2016 is, well, kinda complicated.  You can purchase this CD in digital form through the usual sources; I expect most of you will have your own sources for streaming music. Nevertheless, here are a few links.

First, the “explicit” version of 2Pac’s Greatest Hits, on YouTube:

I will also link here a course YouTube page playlist (this is my attempt to put all official 2Pac videos into a single playlist):

These videos are optional sources (see my Essay #3 handout for the way you might choose to use one or more of them…)

And here’s Spotify.  Those of you who know that service will also know that curated playlists abound:  here’s the Greatest Hits collection in “Explicit” and “Edited” versions.   (I can’t recommend the “clean” version (please see my “Note on Language” in the “How Things Work” menu):  much of the editing is clumsy, unintentionally comical.)

Any advertising content you encounter while listening/watching via linked sites is not endorsed by the Expository Writing Program!   🙂

Finally, essays.  You are only required to read one of the two critical readings, either Joan Morgan, “Notes of A Hip-Hop Feminist” or the selection from Michael Eric Dyson’s  Holler if You Hear Me.  Discussion of them will take place in separate topics, though those who choose to read both may, of course, make connections!  Each piece examines wider contexts for 2Pac’s work; each is both personal and scholarly.

The other PDF texts I’ve provided are simply optional resources:  all are good starting points for further research into 2Pac/ hip hop…