5/4: Short Research Project Presentation

Event Date: May 4, 2017

[instructions duplicated as a PDF in the usual place…]

Don’t panic: the presentation is a very small project!

(Consider it “homework” for one class, and devote time to it accordingly; it’s a part of your class participation grade.) You will have only two minutes on stage, plus time to answer a question or two.

What you must do is provide an “advertisement” for your now-nearly-complete research paper. The idea is that you will “link” readers to your full paper by means of this short ad. It might be used in a variety of social media formats. Write it as a Facebook status update; as a tweet; as a Tumblr blog post; as something you share via another medium. You are “selling” your project to your classmates, and also to a wider audience….

Word count should be restricted depending on the medium you choose (in any case no more than a short paragraph). An image with a caption is acceptable. A very short video would be acceptable.

Whatever form your advertisement takes, you will show it to your audience “onscreen” or in printed form, (I will make the projector available for all to use), and tell them why you think it’s an effective hook to attract an audience to your essay. Your friendly, supportive audience will have been bribed with coffee and donuts!