Byron: readings

All “readings” pages, such as this one, will provide links to pdf files.  Please download these and store on your computer/tablet for reading, so that you can work offline.  These files have been tested, but it’s possible you will have browser issues–please let me know if you do!

The listed links, in order, are the Byron texts that we’ll be working with.

We begin with the 2-part BBC Byron biopic (2003), with Jonny Lee Miller as Lord Byron, and with the Encyclopedia Britannica entry on Byron.  (Advance warning:  one of these two “texts” will seem somewhat, ahem, more sensational than the other.)  😉

I will introduce texts with a few remarks/ a linked source, etc, as I post discussion questions in the courseblog &/or annotation instructions on our readings via  Our reading selections include notes, some more detailed than others.

Also, note that on each “author” pagelinks to useful resources re. that particular protagonist, as well as more general thematic and writing-related resources, are provided.