Grading & Attendance Policy

Grading Scale:

90-100% = A 80-90% = B 70-80% = C 60-70% = D below 60% = F

Grade Breakdown:

Essay 1: 10%

Essay 2: 20%

Essay 3: 30%

Essay 4: 10%

Online writing: 15%

“Prelims”:  5%

Class Participation: 5%

Essay drafts & revisions can be turned in late, but will incur a penalty of -½ a letter grade for every day they are late. If you are experiencing difficulty with an assignment or need more time to complete it, I will be happy to offer a flexible extension; request one no later than the day before the due-date. Except for excused absence, missed in-class writing assignments cannot be submitted late. (If you need to miss class, notify me of your absence in advance and email me a copy of your assignment.)

Having one’s writing carefully evaluated can be an uncomfortably personal experience.  Try not to think of “your grade”; think of “the grade this particular piece of my writing earned.”  (This is, more or less, the advice I received after getting a “C” on my first university paper—of course, it failed to console me!)  The first grade I give you does not indicate that I have formed a fixed opinion of your ability as a writer; you will not be “slotted.”

Prompt, regular & engaged class attendance is expected in this course. You should always have a copy of course readings with you.. You may miss two classes without grade penalty. Use these “free” absences wisely: additional absences count as unexcused and will negatively affect your grade. If you miss three to four classes, your final grade will be penalized by 5% for each absence; if you miss further classes your final grade will be penalized 10% for each additional absence. When you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed, and to turn in work on time. I reserve the right to consider episodes of significant lateness/early departure as partial absences.

Exceptions: extraordinary circumstances (i.e. serious or contagious illness, documented family/medical emergency, the death of a close friend/family member), observance of religious holidays, required trips for a university-sponsored organization, team or class (official letter from sponsor required). If any of the above situations prevent you from attending class or turning in assignments on time, email me ASAP so we can work out deadline extensions, etc.