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In class, I chose to provide our first reading anonymously and without context. Here, again, is that text, which you now know was written by the young Lord Byron, and published in Byron’s first volume of poetry. Remember that we need not necessarily imagine the poem’s speaker as Byron himself.

WHEN, to their airy hall, my fathers’ voice
Shall call my spirit, joyful in their choice;
When, poised upon the gale, my form shall ride,
Or, dark in mist, descend the mountain’s side;
Oh! may my shade behold no sculptured urns
To mark the spot, where earth to earth returns;
No lengthened scroll, no praise-encumbered stone:
My epitaph shall be my name alone.
If that with honour fail to crown my clay,
Oh! may no other fame my deeds repay; 
That, only that, shall single out the spot,
By that remembered, or with that forgot.

Based on our discussion in class, I’d like you, in the comments to this post, to write a single sentence that asks a question about the poem.

The question you ask should be one that you think worth asking, one whose answer would be of value to someone thinking about the poem. Its answer should not seem obvious to someone who has read the poem once with reasonable care.

If, when you get to the poem, you find your question has already been asked, then pick an existing question, and, in a single sentence, (using “reply”) provide an answer!

Welcome to the class!

This is our class website for Expository Writing 1213/23, “From Poets 2 Rockstars”.

We will sign up for the site during our first class meeting, as well as signing up for our online annotation tool, hypothesis.is, at https://hypothes.is

The video below provides a profoundly serious, in-depth introduction to the themes of the course:

OK. Still with me? Well, you’re reading these words, so I guess you are, at least for now….


Password-protected pages can be accessed by entering a 3-character code consisting of the 3 characters that conclude the URL of this website: capital-p, number 2, capital-R.

Your “assignment” for our first class meeting is as follows:

  • Familiarize yourself with the site.  Begin with “how things work”:  that menu contains a syllabus breakdown.  Our readings/viewings are linked on pages in the top menu.  All readings are in PDF format:  you should download them and store them in a folder on your device of choice (or print them out!)
  • Ask any questions about logistics or technology, after having carefully read the “how things work” menu, using the Hypothes.is tool!.

Once again, welcome!