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Quote from manager at the time, Jayson Jackson.

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–Jordan Devonshire (click through for the entire presentation)

Learn the origin story of Marvel Studios and the development of Stan Lee as the most recognizable name in comics. Follow this single issue tale of authorship through its golden age of collaboration through the dark times of undeserved credit and intrigue.


Serena Bunn


There was something innate in Amy, throughout her vulnerability and her messiness, that was fuller and more satisfying than other female artists of the time (perhaps any time). She succeeded so truly, and fell so completely. Her drug habits were intense, her presence and conversation were intense. She was a translucent type of genius, absorbing all the pain and pleasure from her inspirations, which were simply: herself, her lovers, and substances. Only a person of strong mind and character can translate all that emotion into art. Even though she was sickly and wild-tempered, she wore pain in the way of a true rockstar.  The British press painted Amy as a woman, enforcing all the stereotypes of sensitivity, which could be belittling. The crazed obsession and critisizm as seldom happened to a male rockstar, for his struggles, addictions, love affairs would all be in the name of art. It is simply the price you pay for rock and roll. Many male musicians have died from drugs and alcohol, but is brushed away; it’s the music that matters, right? I am arguing that Amy should be treated with the same respe ct, because she was a truest poet-rockstar. It perhaps, it the life one must live.  A life lived with such intensity is a gift. She was given a colorful hand of cards for which she lived her life, but a happy life was not in them. For all the talent Amy was gifted with, she was plagued with a type of understanding of people and pain that made is difficult for her to live. She was an old soul, the whole soul of jazz, into a tiny, twenty-something body. Instead of focusing on the source of her music, let us focus on her music itself. For that is her purest legacy. Nevermind Blake and nevermind the alcohol, Amy Winehouse embodied musicians as a whole, and her bright youth and career should be remembered respectfully.

–Olivia Edwardes



–Albany Ashton


–Jacob Ingle


–David Hayes